The University of Dundee MRC Flexible Supplement Scheme has been established using block funding provided by the MRC.

This flexible funding has replaced a number of bespoke schemes that were previously made available to MRC funded students (including in vivo science strategic skills awards, overseas fieldwork costs, and stipend extensions for placements).  These flexible funds are for the benefit of all University of Dundee MRC students and help fund a variety of research and training activities.

Areas of funding

University of Dundee MRC-funded students may apply to one or more of the funds below using the application form (please submit a separate application for each request). 


  1. Applications for the PhD to post-doc transition fund will be considered twice a year – applications must be received by end of January and end of June each year. 
  2. Applications for all other schemes will be considered year-round. Please apply at least 6 weeks prior to when the funds are required.

Applications should be sent to the Life Sciences PhD office and we would aim to provide an outcome within 2-3 weeks. We may ask for additional information after receiving your application, and require successful applicants to provide a brief report acknowledging MRC support.

Internships and placements Time ‘out of programme’ to complete complementary and beneficial placement (3 months).  Suspension of studies may be required.
High cost training fund Applications to support high-cost training in recognised areas of strategic need [in line with MRC Strategic Skill Priorities areas] such as bioinformatics, advanced in vivo training or imaging. For example, participation in the online course SysMIC (
Exceptional training opportunities fund Placement/training in another research group, training in new advanced research skills and, exceptionally attendance at an interdisciplinary conference removed from primary area of research may be supported
In vivo strategic skill awards* To provide supplementary funding to support research training in advanced integrative mammalian biology
Industry training fund Opportunities to provide training with industry or at the interdisciplinary interface
PhD to postdoctoral transition fund Increase the competitiveness of outstanding candidates to secure prestigious postdoctoral appointments – e.g. support travel costs of laboratory visits aimed at obtaining postdoctoral positions. Fixed short term funding post-PhD to exceptional candidates to support completion of research works and publication.

*For an in vivo strategic skills award to be granted, verification of the appropriate Home Office project and personal licenses, and a detailed justification for the proposed study, including power calculations will be required.


All current MRC-funded students at the University of Dundee are eligible to apply for these funds. These include:

  • Core MRC DTP students
  • MRC PPU unit students
  • MRC Industrial CASE students
  • MRC Clinical Research Training Fellows