Notification of the introduction of an NHS Scotland Additional cost of Clinical Teaching (ACT) levy for Overseas Medical Students from 2016 onwards.

The Scottish Government has implemented a mandatory new national levy to cover the costs of NHS clinical teaching for overseas students. These costs are met for UK and EU students by the Scottish Government and the funding is commonly called ‘Additional Cost of Teaching’ or ‘ACT’. The levy to cover this cost came into force in August 2016 and means that all medical students who pay overseas tuition fees from 2016/17 onwards are now required to pay the annual national levy.  Please note that although your tuition fees to the University as outlined in your offer letter from the University will not change, this additional levy will increase the overall cost of your training.

Why has the levy come about?

From August 2016, the Scottish Government has introduced the requirement for a contribution to the cost of clinical teaching provided by the NHS in Scotland for overseas (non-EU) medical students.  All Scottish universities are subject to this requirement.  The University will collect and pass on the levy to NHS Education Scotland (NES), which then allocates ACT funds within the NHS. It is not a change to the tuition fee itself, which remains as advertised to you by the University and stipulated in the offer letter.

How much is the levy?

The levy for students in 2016/17 was £3,000, but the figure for 2017/18 has been confirmed at £10,000. This means that in September 2017 and each subsequent year of study, you could be required to pay an annual sum of up to £10,000; this will be a cost to you in addition to and separate from your University tuition fees.