Benefits of a Graduate Apprenticeship to Employers

  • Graduate Apprenticeship allows you to help facilitate the education of existing employees enhancing their personal development, productivity and expertise while improving retention.
  • Future proof your talent pipelines; IT and engineering professionals are in high demand and apprentices are loyal employees.
  • As this course is fully funded, your only cost will be your employee’s salary.
  • As employees put their learning into action and complete work-based projects, some of your business challenges can be resolved.
  • Your employee will only be out of the office for one day a week during term time.
  • Investment in staff improves ability, engagement and productivity.
  • Other people in your business will have the opportunity to develop their mentoring skills with the support of the university.
  • This degree puts great emphasis on applied knowledge and work-based learning, immediately putting theory
    learned at university into practice.

Key questions

What should I pay my graduate apprentice?

This person will be a full time employee and we recommend you pay the living wage as a minimum.  These students are not eligible for additional support from SAAS.

Who is eligible to do a graduate apprenticeship?

People currently employed, or not yet employed are both eligible, also there is no age restriction.  Apprentices must be resident in Scotland at the beginning of their apprenticeship and their usual place of work must also be within Scotland.  They should not have an existing qualification at the same level in the same subject.  Each course has its own academic entry requirements and other apprenticeships, HNC, HND and professional certifications and qualifications will also be considered when assessing this.  The University of Dundee will work closely with you throughout the admissions process and is able to provide guidance on a case by case basis.

What support will the graduate apprenticeship require?

The apprentice will spend 80% of their time, 4 days per week, in the workplace.  They should have a mentor who will be supported by University of Dundee.  This person will become an associate member of staff at the University which provides access to learning resources and the library.  They may require some input from the company finding relevant projects to support their studies.  We will tailor the course as much as possible to the work-based learning requirements.

How do I recruit a graduate apprentice?

If you don’t already have someone in mind but are interested in this, we can advise on finding suitable students.  There is a high level of interest in these programmes and we have partners in place who can assist.

How do I apply to take on graduate apprentices?

Please contact our Industry Liaison Officer to discuss your needs as a business and the possibility of partnering on apprenticeships.

Graduate Apprenticeships
+44 (0)1382 384787

We have a set of terms of engagement which we will ask you to review,  these outline the level of support we think it will take to successfully put an employee through a Graduate Apprenticeship.  We will then invite you to nominate candidates.  If you are hiring new staff we can provide support during that time.  After we have received the nomination, our admission team will contact those candidates directly to take them through the university admissions process.