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SWITCH on... be active

We can help you join a sports club or look after your health and fitness

University of Dundee Sports Union is run by students for students and is the hub of all sport on campus. 

ISE provide unique sport and exercise opportunities for all staff and students.

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SWITCH on... volunteer

We will help you discover the wide range of volunteering opportunities available within our connected community in Dundee and find the opportunity that's right for you. We will support the transition into your new volunteering position, providing continued support throughout. 

There are a whole host of things to get involved in whether you want to work with children, adults or animals and more. 

Volunteering can help you learn new skills, gain experience and sometimes even qualifications. These transferable skills can look great on your CV. 

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The benefits of volunteering include:  

  • Gain confidence -  you have the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement
  • Make a difference - volunteering can have a real and valuable positive affect on people, communities and society in general 
  • Meet people - you will meet different kinds of people and make new friends
  • Be part of a community - volunteering can help you feel part of something outside your friends and family
  • Learn new skills - gain experience and sometimes even qualifications. These transferable skills can look great on your CV
  • Take on a challenge - you can challenge yourself to try something different, achieve personal goals, practice using your skills and discover hidden talents
  • Have fun! - most volunteers have a great time, regardless of why they do it


Photo of students in DUSA at a snooker table

SWITCH on... join a society

DUSA has over 200 societies to bring together groups of students who all share the same interest – be that a hobby, belief or passion. Joining a society will help you make friends and develop transferable skills to benefit your career after your time at university.

DUSA advice service provides free and confidential support on various aspects that may affect student life, such as academic appeals, private housing, complaints about the university, welfare support, mental health support and signposting, financial tips, and sexual health advice

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