If you are finding it difficult to keep on track with your studies in the University you may find help by approaching your Academic School Office, who can direct you to the most appropriate student support service. The earlier you do so, the quicker you will receive help and support.

However, if you are facing challenges that are impacting on your studies or yourself personally, Academic School staff may approach you to discuss and to offer you help and support should you require it.

How does Stay on Course work?

Your Academic School Office may contact you to find out how are you doing with your studies and offer you academic support if you need it.

If you tell them that you are facing difficulties, that are non-academic in nature, they may put you in contact with the Student Support Team, who will then offer further support, or direct you to other student support services as appropriate and with your consent. This service is confidential. This means that we will not share any information about you with others unless we have your consent.

You can, of course, refer yourself to Stay on Course by either email, by making an appointment in person via The Enquiry Centre , or by phoning one of the Student Support Advisors:

Mrs Pat Michie  Tel 01382 385534

Mrs Joan Muszynski  Tel 01382 384932

The Student Support Team will discuss with you what help and support is available and will work with you on a Stay on Course Plan for you to follow that will help you get back on track and Stay on Course.

We will ensure you are aware of all the information and support options available, so that you can make informed choices. We will also keep in touch with you throughout the time it takes to follow the Stay on Course Plan and help you make it happen.

With your consent, we will keep your Academic School up to date with the progress you are making on the Stay on Course Plan, so they can offer you extra academic help if you need that. This can also help the Examinations Board to consider any appeal you might make in regard of exam marks or coursework.

Once you are back on track and things improve for you; we will still keep in contact occasionally, to offer friendly encouragement and to ensure that you continue to progress in your studies.


Confidentiality is always maintained. No personal information either verbal or written will be disclosed to anyone else outside of Student Support without your consent, unless you or someone else is at risk. Some non-personal statistical information will be shared within the University for administrative purposes. If you are referred to other student services they will not share what you discuss with them unless you give your consent.