Stay on Course: a pro-active approach to retention 

There are students who find it difficult to Stay on Course who do not seek help and support for a variety of reasons, including that they may not appreciate that they need it. It is then that their attendance at classes, level of course work or academic performance in general often begins to suffer.

Student Services wants to offer such students early support, which will help them to quickly recover and Stay on Course, so they are not put at risk of failing the module, the year or their studies.

Stay on Course shifts efforts from a reactive approach to a pro-active approach in providing students with support. It is a ‘Flag-and-Follow’ approach with academic departments flagging up the student issue, which will then be followed up by the Student Support Team. Thus enhancing the student experience, aiding transition and retention.

Helping your students Stay on Course!


 If you become aware that a student

  • drops their attendance at classes
  • consistently submits course work late
  • struggles with the course in general
  • is considered to be in need of help by their academics

 AND the case does not clearly require support from any of the specialised student services departments (such as Academic Skills Centre, Disability, Counselling, etc.), in which case a referral direct to the specialised service should be made as usual.

Follow Up

Let us know so we can:

  • invite the student for a chat
  • assess their needs of help and support
  • work with them to put together an individualised Stay on Course Plan
  • help them follow the Stay on Course Plan and get back on course
  • keep you informed of their progress regarding the above with their consent
  • securely record the information, so the Exam Boards and/or the student can make use of it, should that be required

By putting the needs of the student at the centre, and working with you in co-operation, we can help them Stay on Course!


Confidentiality is always maintained. No personal information either verbal or written will be disclosed to anyone else outside of Student Support without the student’s consent, unless they or someone else is at risk. Some non-personal statistical information will be shared within the University for administrative purposes. If they are referred to other student services they will not share what is discussed with them unless they give their consent.

Stay On Course FAQ

When sending an email to students inviting them to come in for a meeting to the School, we would suggest telling the student in the email that “you may be referred and contacted by the Student Support Team if you do not respond to this email." That allows us to send an invitation from Stay on Course for a meeting, some students respond better to this as they may have concerns about sharing personal information with academic staff.

We would suggest emphasising that we are here to help, not to make any judgement about the student. Working with us will give them the best chance of succeeding on their degree path.

If you have immediate concerns about the safety of the student please see our protocol for handling mental distress. You contact The Enquiry Centre – Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm (Wednesdays from 10am) to get help from support services on campus. If it is out of hours alert the emergency services with your concerns by dialling 999.

Contact us by email , or by phoning one of the Student Support Advisors:

Mrs Pat Michie Tel 01382 38553

Mrs Joan Muszynski Tel 01382 384932

We will try to make contact with the student and if necessary visit the student in their accommodation to ensure that they are ok.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact Stay on Course

To refer a student or for more information phone the Enquiry Centre on +44 (0)1382 381900

Or Email