Rest of UK scholarships & bursaries

The Student Funding Unit distributes the following Rest of UK Scholarships & Bursaries only:

  • Discover Dundee
  • Discover Nursing at Dundee
  • Academic Excellence
  • RUK Institutional Bursary

Students eligible to receive any or all of the above will be emailed early October (using their uk email account) by the Student Funding Unit explaining their entitlement. Payment dates for all rUK scholarships and bursaries are at the end of November, end of February and end of April (if applicable). Please note that if you have not responded to our emails by April and provided us with the information we need to pay your scholarship(s), your entitlement to any of the above will be removed.

For the RUK Institutional Bursary, eligibility is based on the household income declared to the SLC (Student Loans Company). Any delay in the assessment of your funding by your funding body will mean that payment of this bursary will be delayed. To be eligible for this bursary, you must submit parental income details to your funding body, even if you only take out the non-income assessed student loan, your household income must be recorded by the SLC for us to access this information and subsequently award you the rUK Institutional Bursary. 

Information on your eligibility and terms and conditions for these scholarships is available below:

Students eligible for any of these scholarships above, must ensure that they check their regularly (even in their junk file) for our emails. We only contact you in this way - if you have any email issues, please ensure to contact our IT department to rectify any problems.

Thomas and Margaret Roddan Trust

Applications have been suspended for the above Trust. We received the below from the Trustees:

With the decision to transition from the ‘contain’ to ‘delay’ phase to prevent rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Trustees are aware that most institutions are now closed to students for the foreseeable future and staff are working from home.

Following various enquiries about the difficulty this poses in submitting Applications in the normal way this year, the Trustees have reluctantly taken the decision to defer Applications for the time being.  The 30th April deadline will no longer apply and Applications should not be submitted. Once the situation improves and arrangements are clearer, the Trustees will consult and agree how best to deal with this year’s round of funding. Details will be proved when known.