How much???

Now that you are at the University of Dundee, the following is offered as a guide and helpful tips on some of the key expenditure items that you will have.

  • Rent – some may be living at home with their parents and will pay no rent or a small amount towards their costs.  Students in the private sector should be able to access a reasonable property for £300-350 per month.  University accommodation is more expensive, however, utility costs are included.
  • Utilities – if you are sharing a flat, it is a good idea to discuss your gas and electricity needs and how you will all pay for it.  You should all be named on the utility agreement, otherwise one person will be liable to pay the full costs.  It is always helpful to save money each month for your bills rather than receiving a large bill in January/February for your winter bill.
  • Internet/TV – many companies can offer a great deal on telephone, internet and television packages.  You will be signing a legal agreement if you accept these offers, so please ensure you take advice from an expert – the Citizens Advice Bureau is a good place to go as it is free and confidential.  The CAB in Dundee has an outreach provision on campus.  Please go to the Enquiry Centre to make an appointment for advice. 
  • Telephone costs – mobile phones are popular.  What do you need your telephone to do?  Think about your needs and shop around for the best package for you.
  • Food – you can eat healthily on £200 per month.  Cooking with flat-mates or friends is a good way to share food costs and works out much cheaper.
  • TV Licence – this is compulsory in the UK if you want to watch BBC programmes, including catch-up TV on the BBC iPlayer.  See the TV Licensing website (insert link)
  • Travelling to university – if you are travelling within Dundee, there is a student bus pass which is cheaper – insert link.  If you are travelling out with Dundee, ask your transport provider if they have student deals available.
  • Clothing – you will need to buy clothes during your studies, particularly at the change of seasons.  There are a lot of charity shops in Dundee and you may be able to find an excellent vintage piece at a good price.
  • Books and equipment – students will usually spend more money at the start of each semester on these items.  Your course will determine what you need, eg books only, books and lab coats, digital software.  Remember to use the university library as they can offer a variety of support, not just to issue books.
  • Social costs – socialising is very important for students, particularly to ensure that you do not become socially isolated.  Socialising varies from person to person and it does not need to include alcohol.  There are many things to do in Dundee for free.
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