You ARE able to apply to the University's Discretional Funds if you are:

  • a UK resident student, or the child of an EU migrant worker;
  • An EU student receiving SAAS support equivalent to a (UK) Home student;
  • A full or part-time Nursing student who is undertaking a Pre-Registration Nursing course;
  • A UK full-time or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate student studying a course as part of a degree programme;
  • Eligible to apply for a student loan and have taken the maximum loan to which you are entitled:
  • an EU or International Student who has experienced unexpected or unforseen financial circumstances.

You ARE NOT able to apply to the University's Discretional Funds if you:

  • are a co-curriculum student in your first year attending college - you need to contact your Student Services Directorate in your college for financial aid.
  • are on an extended DP or are "writing up" a thesis;
  • have not taken out the maximum funding to which you are entitled;
  • are studying on the MSc Educational Psychology programme and are in receipt of the Educational Psychology training grant.

PGDE students in receipt of the STEM Training Bursary provided by the Scottish Government would also need to have taken out the maximum SAAS funding to which they are eligible, to be able to apply to the Discretionary Funds.