Please provide the following documentation with your application form as it relates to your situation::

  • Bank statement(s) of ALL your bank accounts showing at least one month's up-to-date transactions up until the date of your application. Each statement must show your name, address, and bank account details. No excel spreadsheets will be accepted-PDFs are preferred;
  • Evidence of your accommodation costs if this is not evidenced in your bank statement(s) above;
  • Evidence of Child Tax Credits/Working Tax Credits/Universal Credit. We need a copy of your full HMRC letter or UC statement (this can be downloaded from your account;
  • Any other documentation relevant to your application eg: shielding letter or furlough evidence from employer.

Failure to submit all evidence within 7 working days of the date of your application will result in your application being rejected.

Please save these supplementary documents as PDFs – neither excel spreadsheets nor screenshots will be accepted – and attach to an email with your application form. Send all to our email address: