IMPORTANT- we can only accept photocopies of the following items. These are non-returnable.

  • Letter of award (all pages) from your funding body (SAAS, SFE, SFW, SFNI) showing the breakdown of your funding, Tuition Fees, Bursary, Supplementary Grant, Student Loan;
  • Bank statement(s) of ALL your bank accounts showing at least one month's most recent transactions. Your statement(s) should show your student loan being credited to your account. Each statement must show your name, address, and bank account details. No screen dumps or screen shots will be accepted;
  • Cash point mini statement showing your up-to-date balance(s) - if you submit an online bank statement, you do not need to provide this;
  • Evidence of your accommodation costs, eg. Lease/rent receipt/mortgage statement showing the address and name(s) of those living at the premises;
  • Evidence of Child Tax Credits/Working Tax Credits/Universal Credit. We need a copy of your full HMRC letter or UC statement (this can be downloaded from your account
  • Evidence of any scholarships/bursaries/educational loans etc. - including University of Dundee bursaries or scholarships.

Failure to submit all evidence within 7 working days of the date of your application will result in your application being rejected.