Higher Education Childcare Fund

Undergraduate students with registered childcare costs can apply to the Higher Education Childcare Fund. This will be for a contribution towards your registered childcare costs which we pay direct to your childcare provider. Our priority is to provide assistance towards registered childcare costs for the months September to May inclusive.

The final date for which you can apply to the HE Childcare Fund for academic year 2017/18 is 31st March 2018. Any funds remaining at the end of Semester 2 will be considered for summer childcare assistance, but we cannot always guarantee this kind of financial aid, nor the amount of the support, during the summer vacation. A decision will be made by the Panel for Financial Aid at the end of the academic year and emailed to all students concerned.

If you are receiving the childcare element of Working Tax Credit we expect you to maximise that entitlement before considering applying for the Higher Education Childcare Fund.

Postgraduate students, who qualify for funding for a Tuition Fee Loan from SAAS for their course, can also apply to the HE Childcare Fund, providing they have taken the maximum student loan to which they are entitled.

The University Nursery provide childcare for children from ages 0 to 5, and aim to prepare children for entry into primary education.