We pay out

  • the Higher Education Discretionary Funds
  • the Higher Education Childcare Fund

We refer to all as Discretionary Funds.


Full time undergraduate students

You are eligible to apply to the Discretionary Funds if you are in receipt of the maximum student loan available to you from your UK Funding Authority. Unfortunately, the Discretionary Funds are not available to EU or Overseas students. Any EU or Overseas students finding themselves in financial difficulty, should seek advice and guidance from Student Funding as to whether they can apply for any financial aid.

Part time undergraduate students

You are eligible to apply for Discretionary Funds if 

  1. you meet the SAAS residence criteria and, 
  2. are studying a course as part of a degree programme.

UK postgraduate students

You can also apply if in financial difficulty. Students eligible for funding from SAAS or SFE need to have taken out the maximum funding available to them before they are eligible to apply for assistance from the Discretionary Funds.