You need to apply for your funding every year you attend university.

After your first year, the process is normally simplified, and your funding body usually contacts you to advise you when applications open.

Students from Scotland

Applications for 2019/20 are now open!

Apply now so that your funding is in place for starting in September!

Apply to SAAS to have your tuition fees paid and a student loan for living costs - see SAAS Student Funding Guide to see what you could be eligible for. Here is guidance on the SAAS Dashboard Guide

SAAS guarantee to release your full funding when you matriculate in September if you:

  • Complete your application - guidance on the online application available here: SAAS application guide
  • Include providing supplementary documentation
  • submit it to SAAS by 30th June.

Have a look at their 'Your Money' video for information on how your loan and tuition fees are paid.

If you have had funding for previous study, here is a little advice about how this may affect your funding for your degree:

Students from the EU

Apply to SAAS to continue to have your tuition fees paid to the University.

Closing date for applications for funding for academic year 2018/19 is 31st March 2019.

Students from the Rest of the UK

Apply to the funding body where you live for a tuition fee loan and living cost loan: