Funding your Postgraduate studies can come in a number of ways.

The most obvious is to apply to the funding body you received your undergraduate funding from.

Scottish Students

Changes have been announced to the funding arrangements for eligible Scottish domiciled students undertaking postgraduate study from 2017/18.

  • The introduction of a universal student loan entitlement of £10,000 for all eligible one-year full-time taught postgraduate students. This comprises of a tuition fee loan up to £5,500 and a non-income assessed living cost loan of £4,500-Postgraduate Funding Guidance
  • The funding package is being extended to include eligible students on taught Masters programmes. Previously, funding was limited to a certain number of Diploma courses.
  • Part-time students undertaking an eligible course over two years can apply for a tuition fee loan up to £2,750 per year.
  • There will no longer be a limit on the number of funded places available to Scottish domiciled students studying an eligible course in the rest of the UK. The current arrangements will still apply with funding offered as long as the course is not available in Scotland.

Funding is only available to students undertaking taught postgraduate programmes at publicly funded institutions.

Tuition Fee Loans will be provided for full-time EU students undertaking a postgraduate course commencing in 2017/18 and part-time students starting a course taken over two years from 2017/18.

There are no changes to the current loan repayment arrangements. Postgraduate loans will be added to a student's existing undergraduate loan and repaid as a single loan balance.

You will be able to apply to SAAS for 2017/18 funding from 10th April 2017, and applications for Postgraduate study are made online. If you require any further advice, please contact SAAS on 0300 555 0505.

SAAS have a new online application which you will need to register to:

Apply to SAAS by 30th June and they will guarantee that your funding is in place by the time semester starts in September.

For information on the SSSC funding the MSc Social Work - see our Alternative Funding page.

English Students

Postgraduate loans are available for English domiciled students from 2016/17 onwards.

  • You can get up to £10,000 which is paid directly to you as a contribution towards your course and living costs.
  • It is not based on your household income (as the undergraduate one is).
  • If you are studying over 2 years, you'll get £5000 in your first year, and the remainder in your second year.
  • Each year's amount will be paid in instalments of 33%, 33% and 34%.
  • You get the first payment after your course start date, once the university has confirmed that you've registered.
  • This means you will have to make an arrangement with our Finance Department to pay your Tuition Fees.
  • The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) may take account of the loan when working out any benefits you receive.

You can find out more information and guidance on applying for this loan on the SFE YouTube account.

Alternative Funding

Please see our Alternative Funding page which lists the other funding available for students undertaking postgraduate study, including the MSc in Social Work funded by the SSSC.