BDS Students

You will have been contacted by the Dental School already regarding the Additional Year Bursary we are distributing on behalf of the CDO Office of the Scottish Government. This bursary is to provide you with an income without the need to take out a student loan - you can still do this by applying to your funding body if you wish. Any Scottish students who normally receive an Independent Student Bursary (ISB) or Young Student Bursary (YSB) still need to apply to SAAS for this using the +1 year.

To enable us to pay this bursary to you, you need to complete and digitally sign this Payment Form and return it to by 31st July 2021 at the latest. Any payment form received after this date cannot be assured to be processed in time for a first payment in either September or October (depending on term start date).

This bursary will be paid monthly, with the first payment being a double payment, and the remainder paid at the end of the month until May (inclusive).

The basic bursary of £4,750 is available to all BDS students. An 'enhanced' bursary, up to £6,750 for Indpendent students, and £5,750 for Dependent Students is available for the following students: 

  • rUK students with a household income (HHI) of less than £34,000*, 

  • Home Scottish students who can evidence a household income (HHI) of less than £34,000, and 

  • Home EU students who can evidence a household income (HHI) of less than £34,000 – as with the DSSG you will need to ensure that these documents are translated so we can check eligibility. 

*For rUK students, we will be able check your household income (HHI) via the HEBSS portal operated by the Student Loans Company. Hopefully you will have submitted your household income to your funding body so that we can view this HHI. If you have not, we cannot apply any enhanced bursary. 

If you fall into any of these categories, please complete this Enhanced Bursary Application Form and submit (with the documentation required) to as PDFs by 31st July 2021. Again, any application not complete or submitted by this date will result in a delayed first payment.

For further information, please see the Enhanced Bursary section of the Scottish Government DSSG webpage.


For UK BDS students from level 2 and above with a HHI of less than £34,000 (evidenced), you can apply for the Dental Student Support Grant. Please see the application form and further details about this grant on the Scottish Government website.  

Please do not submit an application for the DSSG until your term has started. DSSG applications will be processed on a monthly basis after the beginning of academic year 2021/22.

Dental Undergraduate Bursary Scheme (DUBS)

SAAS have confirmed that this will be available to students for this additional year. Please contact the Dental School for further information.