Information and support for students with children

The University wants to support all students to achieve their full potential. Combining studies with parenting responsibilities can be challenging.

Bringing children onto campus 

Children are welcome on campus but please ensure that you/they show consideration and respect your fellow students and members of staff.

Library - Children are permitted to come into the Library for a period of up to 30 minutes, usually this is to do tasks like drop off books or briefly use the photocopying facilities. You have a responsibility to ensure that they are not causing disturbance to other users.  We do not recommend bringing in children if you are planning on staying in the library for extended periods of time.

DUSA - Children are also allowed in DUSA accompanied by a responsible adult who is a member (all matriculated students are automatically members of DUSA) but they are not allowed access after 9pm.

Breastfeeding on campus - You may breastfeed anywhere on campus but if you wish to do so in privacy there is a room available in the basement of the Tower with comfortable seating (key available from Tower Reception). 

You have a legal right to breastfeed anywhere you wish to in Scotland.

If possible, you may find it helpful to bring someone onto campus with you to look after the baby, whilst you attend lectures, so that you can focus on this and minimise potential disturbance to other students whilst still continuing to breastfeed.

Nappy changing facilities – a facility for changing nappies is available in the Tower Building, Ground Floor in the Disabled Toilet next to the D’Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre. Also in the Ladies toilet, ground floor of the Chaplaincy.

International families and dependants 

Information is available from the University’s International Advice Service about visas, immigration and practicalities.  They are there to offer support and guidance to international students. Downloadable fact sheets are available.

University Nursery

The University has its own Nursery based on the Dundee City Campus and provides childcare for children aged 0-5 years. The nursery is registered with several childcare voucher schemes.

Local schools and nursery schools 

Nurseries and Early Years Learning (2 year olds or 3-4 year olds)

To enrol your child at a local nursery school you should contact the school directly to find out about places, and their enrolment process. International Students please note applications for nursery/early years places can only be submitted once you are in Scotland

Primary Schools and Secondary Schools 

International Students please note applications for school places can only be submitted once you are in the UK.


There is a range of different types of childcare available depending on the child’s age – this can be homecare by a child minder, organised crèches and private or local authority nurseries. There are also after-school clubs running in some areas for primary aged children.

Funding for Childcare 

Scottish Government information about childcare costs and maternity grants

Find out what financial support can be offered by the University's student funding team.

Family and Children’s Activities on Campus

University International Families Group

The University International Families Group meets every Wednesday morning during the University term time from 10am to 1pm in the Chaplaincy Centre near the library. Would you like to meet with other international students' wives and their children? Why not join in on Wednesday mornings? Practice speaking English and make friendships. Toys are available for children and there are free refreshments. Email for further information.

Details of other regular events catering for International Students and their families can be found on the webpages.

Other University events

For school age children the University offers activities and events at the University’s Botanic Gardens during the year.

Summer programmes sports programmes at ISE  and also swimming lessons are held by the University’s Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE)

ISE  also has a family fun hour will run on Sundays 11.30-12.30pm. for further details please ask at the centre or pool reception or email

Children’s Programmes at Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE)

See the University's events listing for all University events including some for families.

Meeting other Families

National Childbirth Trust

NCT provides information and support for pregnancy, birth and early parenting. There are local networks of parents for emotional and practical support.

Local branches:


  • Find some like-minded support. There may be other student parents on your course. Although not all student parents are mature students - and not all mature students have children.
  • Remember that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do! It is not a sign that you are failing, it is recognition that you have a lot on your plate.
  • Let your personal tutor know your situation. If you do have difficulties later in the academic session with commitments outside of university, they will be aware and can help you as best they can.
  • Some parents prefer to keep their home life separate to their studies as a form of ‘escape’. That is entirely appropriate but do talk to someone in Student Support if you need assistance or just a listening ear. You can talk to someone from the University’s Counselling Service or Student Advisors at The Enquiry Centre in confidence. The Chaplains are also available across the university for practical and spiritual support
  • If you are also a mature student (21 or over on the first day of your studies) they you should also look at the information provided for Mature Students.
  • If it is all getting too much then do come and talk to someone at the University before you make any radical decisions.
  • Make use of the e-books and other resources available online through the University Library.
  • You may find that your children are not always accommodating of your needs – especially if you are spending yet another evening writing an essay. Why not offer to bring them to university to have a look around so that they can see your school?