The University of Dundee is committed to equality and diversity for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) students.

University of Dundee Policy on Equality and Diversity

University Support

We have a range of support services here to help you. At the University of Dundee we are very proud of our reputation for our great student experience, and for being supportive, caring and helpful, but university life can still be a bit daunting. We are here to support you as you progress through your university journey.

LGBT+ Health

Advice links

  • LGBT Helpline Scotland : Information and emotional support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families, friends and supporters across Scotland.  Open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm to 9pm.  0300 123 2523 
  • LGBT+ Switchboard :Providing free and confidential support and information to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities throughout the UK Every day 10am-11pm 0300 330 063
  • LGBT Youth – National organisation for young LGBT people
  • Stone Wall – national charity providing help and support to lesbian and gay people.


Where Can I Meet Other LGBT Young People?

  • Dundee University LGBT+ Society

    LGBT Youth Scotland is a youth service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people aged 13-25 years old.  An LGBT Worker supported by volunteers is based at The Corner in Dundee and is here to offer you support, advice and information around sexuality and gender identity. They also run an Allsorts youth group which is a safe space to meet with other LGBT young people and their friends, and get involved in a variety of activities, workshops and projects.

    More ideas about where to meet other LGBT young people

    The internet is a great place to feel connected – you might feel isolated where you live when it comes to creating your identity into who you feel comfortable being, or finding your sexuality. But there is always somebody out there you can connect with who has been in the same situation as you, or is going through a similar thing.

    Seeing how other people have dealt with issues such as coming out, and seeing positive and encouraging messages can help you feel less alone as you become confident in who you are. You will find these mostly on Tumblr, but also through a variety of LGBTQ websites online. There are many LGBTQ blogs on Tumblr covering a lot of different topics, as well as inspirational ones such as LGBTQ givesmehope.


    Although the internet is a great place to meet people, it’s important to always exercise caution and make sure you are safe