Stressbuster sessions are short practical sessions of up to 1 hour that include work on stress management using relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques.

They are centred on calming down, reducing anxiety, practically dealing with panicky feelings, mental rehearsal, helping to remain calm and focussed during exams or presentations and using stress busting techniques as a life skill.

Free Workshops for students

Understanding and Coping With Stress. Learn helpful practical techniques, get useful tips for coping, feel calmer and more in control, reduce anxiety.

Next workshops dates to be confirmed.

If you would like an individual session please contact;

Joan Muszynski,
Peer Connections
Enquiry Centre
University of Dundee
Tel: (+44) 01382 384932

If you feel that you would like some further help with dealing with the issues that are causing you to be stressed then contact the Counselling Service.