What is Peer Connections?

Peer Connections is a welcoming, buddying and mentoring scheme to help all students settle in, show you around, meet, mix and share information and experience with other students.

Who are the Peer Connectors?

Peer Connectors are trained student volunteers who will listen to any concerns you have, provide support and give information. They have been here at the University for some time and understand the feelings, issues and practicalities of being a student.

How can Peer Connectors help me?

Peer Connectors are here to help you to settle into University life.

They will:

  • be someone to talk to, a friendly face to show you around.
  • answer your questions (important or trivial!) - as best they can, about the things that you need to find out about to succeed at the University.
  • listen to any worries you may have - e.g. feeling homesick, disorientated, or just a bit low - many people feel like this, and that's one of the reasons the Peer Connections scheme exists!
  • help you with most things, but guide you to the people who can give you further help if required.
  • give you ideas to make university life easier and help to make the best of your time at the University of Dundee.
  • respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality

How can I meet a Peer Connector?

Get a mentor/buddy

Meeting up with Peer Connectors can also be arranged via the Peer Connections Co-ordinator, Joan Muszynski, Student Support Advisor, Student Services by calling into the Enquiry Centre, Campus Green Tel: (+44) 1382 384932 or email peerconnections@dundee.ac.uk
You can also meet the Peer Connectors by coming along to one of our occasional social events.