You can find your nearest GPs, pharmacies, opticians and dentists on the NHS Inform website. Choose Health Board 'Tayside' then 'Dundee City' if you are living in Dundee or the appropriate area for where you live.

When you have chosen a GP just go in and ask to register (you may have to try one or two different medical centres as sometimes their lists may be full). Please take three forms of identification with you:

  • a passport or UK driving licence
  • student ID card
  • documentation with your Dundee address on it (for example, a utility bill)

The services are free for you and your family. Prescription drugs are free in Scotland, at present.

If you are given an appointment and do not attend your registration may be cancelled.

Specialists can only be accessed via your local GP, you cannot access them directly.

Why do I need to register?

Treatments, advice and health promotion are available at all doctors' health services or medical centres. The University Health Service does not cover out of hours and emergencies. If you have not registered with a local doctor you will not be covered in these situations.

All specialist treatments can only be accessed by referral through your local doctor.

Do I need to pay for anything?

All National and International Students in full-time education in Scotland are eligible for free health care from the National Health Service, whatever the length of their studies. This includes spouses and dependant children. Although health care is free, you will have to pay for dental and optical treatment. If you have a very low income you may be able to receive help with costs.


Local pharmacies/chemists provide you with the medications prescribed by a doctor (currently free of charge in Scotland). Controls on medications in the UK may mean that medication you would normally purchase in a pharmacy in your own country may only be available by prescription here. Pharmacies can also provide advice and assistance with minor illnesses.

To find the nearest pharmacy use the NHS Inform website 


There is no need to register with an optician. There are many opticians locally in Dundee. NHS Eye Tests in Scotland are free but you will have to pay for your glasses or contact lenses unless exempt or on a low income.

To find a local opticians use the NHS Inform website

International Students

If you are from a country with a high level of Tuberculosis (TB) you may need a submit a TB test as part of your visa application. You can find out more about this at