Better attendance leads to better academic progression. Due to this, the University of Dundee has an attendance monitoring policy. This applies for all students, both home and international.
Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students are required to attend all teaching. They are also required to submit all coursework on time. There may be circumstances where this is otherwise approved by your school. Your School will maintain registers of attendance.
If poor attendance is identified, you will be contacted by your School. Where there are issues contributing to poor attendance, your School will offer support. The Tier 4 Compliance Team will be notified of poor attendance issues that are not resolved. They will do so in case this leads to potential visa issues.
Postgraduate research students are expected to be on campus during their studies. The expectation is that they will be using the facilities available. Your supervisor will track your progress. This is currently reported on a monthly basis. They may also take this opportunity to raise any concerns that they may have.
All University of Dundee students are expected to follow these rules. Attendance is especially important for Tier 4 students. You have been granted a visa on the basis that you are in the UK to study. If you are not studying, then you are not fulfilling the terms of your visa as expected by the Home Office. If too many Points of Contacts are missed then we are obligated to report this to the Home Office. Based on this, they may then curtail your visa. This would then mean that you would need to leave the UK.
Reporting is always treated as a last resort. The University has a range of support services available. We would always do what we can to get you back on track with your studies.