Your visa is your responsibility

Failure to meet the conditions of your visa can put your studies and immigration status at risk. If you struggle to meet any of the conditions of your visa, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity.

You should keep up to date on Home Office rules for Tier 4 students as they are subject to change.

Tier 4 is the category that applies to those who want to enter the UK as students. The University acts as a sponsor of your visa. As we are a Tier 4 sponsor, we agreed to follow specific duties. These duties are prescribed by the Home Office and allow us to assure them that you are a genuine student.
When studying at the University of Dundee, under a Tier 4 visa, there are conditions that you need to meet. The University has these expectations of all our students. You need to ensure that these conditions are met so that there are no interruptions to your studies. As a visa holder, the consequences for not meeting these conditions can be more serious.
Your entry clearance has been granted under Immigration Rules (part 6a, para 245ZW). You must not break the conditions stated within those rules. The Tier 4 Compliance team is here to help you by making it clear what you need to do to protect your visa.
Duties include keeping records and reporting changes in a student’s circumstance. This falls to both you, as a Tier 4 holder, and staff here at the University. Your duties can be met by enrolling, engaging with your studies and informing us of any changes. Our duties are ensuring that you are attending and that you are notifying us of changes and absences. They also involve checking that your documents are up to date.
Information and advice on how to protect your visa can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.