It is important that we set out how we will deliver our strategy. Our strategy sets out the key outcomes for the next five years and, alongside our strategy, we will articulate the activities that will deliver these outcomes in our action plan.

Our action plan will align with our eight strategic strands, elaborating on the activity that we will undertake to deliver our strategy. The outer wheel below shows two or three examples of key action areas aligning to our strategic strands.

We will assess performance in the delivery of our strategic outcomes and the effectiveness of our action plan through eight KPIs, each aligned with one of our strategic strands. Our KPIs will be composite measures which incorporate qualitative, quantitative and narrative assessments of our progress.

Composite measures allow us to consider the breadth of activity within each of the eight strategic strands. The indicators we use will not become ends in themselves, but help us to assess the effectiveness of the action we undertake to achieve our core purpose and to advance our values.

University Strategy action plan A diagram showing the 8 parts of the University of Dundee's approach to planning and measuring the implementation of the five year strategy Enhance university performance and reputation Enable our people to flourish Advance our values Intensify our impact locally and globally Embed interdisciplinary research and teaching Grow and diversify our student community Embrace One Dundee approach Embrace One Dundee approach Our high performance community

Our approach to risk

Our strategy sets out considerable ambition in a time of great uncertainty. Our high performance community will develop a culture of shared ambition and the agility and flexibility to respond to both anticipated and unpredictable opportunities and challenges.

We need to ensure our ambition to grow is matched by our appetite for risk. Our Executive and Court will review and clearly set out our risk appetite at the start of the strategic period so that our ambition can be supported through the turbulence we expect to characterise the world around us in the next five years.

Our recent successes and achievements must give us the confidence to absorb higher levels of risk so that we can continue to out-perform sector-wide trends even while facing significant geopolitical challenges and pressure on public funding of higher education.

Action planning

To support our high level strategy, we have put in place an action plan to help guide our activity. Each action is aligned with the segments of our strategy wheel above. The action plan is a living document and regularly updated. Progress is regularly reviewed by University Executive Group and Court. The action plan can be accessed by staff and students through Box.

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