Communication underpins all our values

Take personal responsibility for ensuring communication in your sphere is effective.

  • Communicate effectively and clearly using appropriate channels.
  • A conversation is often better than email.
  • Listen well so you can understand before responding.
  • Be polite and courteous in all circumstances.
  • Praise first before giving constructive feedback.
  • Challenge absent or poor communication appropriately and ensure that no one is left out of the loop.


Valuing people

Valuing people

Treat everyone with equal respect, valuing their contribution to the University.

  • Make time to listen to, help and support others.
  • Be aware that you might have unconscious biases and try to identify and overcome them.
  • Be liberal with thanks and praise.
  • Recognise and reward achievement.
  • Acknowledge the contribution of others towards individual success.
  • Recognise and respect differences, actively promoting inclusion.


Working together

One Dundee: seek what is best for the wider University community as well as your team.

  • Actively seek ways of working together across boundaries to address the University’s key challenges.
  • Foster partnership working between students and staff.
  • Ensure every member of the University community is included and feels part of the bigger picture.
  • Share good practice generously.
  • Maintain calm and perspective in stressful situations.
  • Counter cynicism by encouraging productive discussion and problem solving.
  • Positively challenge divisive behaviour.




Behave ethically and professionally, with the best interests of the University at heart.

  • Be open, honest and fair.
  • Keep your word and be trustworthy.
  • Be accountable for actions and decisions.
  • Respect confidentiality when appropriate.
  • Be open to challenge without defensiveness and willing to challenge without aggression.
  • Have the courage to question actions that are inconsistent with University values.


Making a difference

Remember that our common purpose is to transform lives locally and globally.

  • Encourage and support fellow students and colleagues to be transformative.
  • Commit to making a real difference through your work, inspiring others with your passion and enthusiasm.
  • Focus on working well with others to get results.
  • Encourage and enable professional development.
  • Embrace change.
Making a difference




Aim to be leading in what you do as we strive to be Scotland’s leading University.

  • Nurture creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrate consistently strong personal performance so that others can rely on you.
  • Benchmark yourself and your team against the best.
  • Gather feedback to improve performance and close feedback loops.
  • Provide encouragement and seek support to improve.
  • Be honest with yourself and others about performance that is less than excellent.
  • Challenge mediocrity and be prepared to take, and accept, difficult decisions in pursuit of excellence.