We are already extraordinary in many ways, a medium-sized university on the east coast of Scotland which is outperforming global rivals of considerably larger size.

We have established strengths across the breadth of our activity. Our strategy for the next five years will build on these foundations.

We have the fourth highest proportion of research grant income to total income of any UK university, which speaks to our outstanding success in winning competitive grants and funding. We have been named one of Europe's most innovative universities due to our track record in translating research into impact.

We are committed to ensuring the continuing success of our research, to its global reach, and to ensuring that research carried out at the University is always of the highest quality and has the greatest possible impact.

Our research performance is fully matched by our outstanding quality in learning, teaching and wider student experience. We provide one of the very best student experiences in the UK. The foundation of this excellence is the unique strength and depth of partnership that exists between the University and our students.

We are committed to ensuring that, working in partnership with our students, our learning, teaching and student experience are of the highest quality across the whole University.

“The opportunities to interact”

“I feel very strongly about the community I am part of at the University, and that extends outwards as part of the work we do, looking to transform lives locally and globally. I could not do my research without collaborating with people from different disciplines, and there are no barriers to that here. My work is very interdisciplinary so I am working with colleagues from Humanities, Art & Design, Medicine and Life Sciences. The opportunities are there to interact and work with colleagues in my own School and right across the University. Without that my research work could not be as exciting as it is.”

Divya Jindal-Snape
Professor of Education, Inclusion and Life Transitions and Associate Dean (Research)

We are extraordinary in the contribution we make to the city of Dundee, the region and Scotland. Our close-knit city campus is right at the heart of Dundee, which is the UK's only UNESCO City of Design and is reshaping itself for the 21st century through a £1 billion waterfront development, with the V&A Museum of Design at its centre, a project initiated at the University.

Our economic impact in Scotland is over £740 million every year, and 1 in every 12 jobs in Dundee is supported by the University's activities.

We are committed to sustaining our outstanding track record in widening access and to drawing strength from and contributing to the future success of our city/region through economic, social and cultural impact.

We are ranked in the top 10 in the UK for the employability of our students after graduation.

We have strong links with employers, giving our students the best opportunities to prepare themselves for the world beyond university. Our subject mix means that a high percentage of our degree programmes are accredited and a very high proportion of our students are engaged in work-based learning.

We have been the most successful university in Scotland in being awarded places for students to learn in the workplace on graduate apprenticeships.

We are committed to becoming the leading university in Scotland for graduate employment, enterprise and work-based learning.

We are a special community, committed to our values - working together, valuing people, integrity, making a difference and excellence - in everything that we do. Our ability to work together as a single University community has been strengthened by the reorganisation of the University in 2015.

We are committed to maximising the benefits of our structural reorganisation and accompanying cultural transformation, enhancing our ability to work together across disciplinary boundaries in both research and teaching and across Schools and Directorates to deliver outstanding services to our community.

“Great diversity... but small enough to know each other”

“We are one of the strongest research centres in Europe but it isn’t just about producing worldclass results in our science and research – we also strive to be world-class in how we work together as people. It is a great place to be because we are big enough to include great diversity among our people and ideas, but small enough to know each other. The same applies to the city, where the people are great supporters of the work of the University.”

Inke Näthke
Associate Dean for Professional Culture and Professor of Epithelial Biology

From now, and over the next five years to 2022 we will:

  • enable the people in our community to flourish, enhancing their readiness to succeed in a digital world and transforming our approach to individual and team performance through engaged leadership that achieves collaborative advantage
  • further advance our commitment to our values, accelerating progress in diversity, inclusion and fairness
  • increase our impact and public engagement locally and globally
  • extend and embed an interdisciplinary, teambased approach across teaching and research, with all members of our community jointly tackling real world problems in key thematic areas
  • substantially grow and diversify our student body, ensuring that we remain a uniquely welcoming community
  • strengthen our ability to achieve extraordinary things in a financially and environmentally sustainable way
  • transform our business systems and our ways of working, further strengthening our one-Dundee approach to partnership working between and across academic Schools and Professional Services
  • grow our reputation for excellence nationally and internationally.

All these plans can be summed up in our commitment to develop the University as a high performance community, working together and supporting each other to become Scotland's leading University.