Our approach has eight strands. These will enable us to transform lives using an interdisciplinary thematic approach, transform knowledge and practices through excellent research and engaged scholarship and education, and transform our University to work better together as a high performance community.


Transforming knowledge and practices

  • We will work within and across disciplines to conduct research that enhances fundamental knowledge and builds upon this to deliver impact for society.
  • We will enhance our sector-leading programme of public engagement, sharing and co-creating knowledge in accessible and informative ways.
  • We will ensure our community is equipped with the skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world and meet the challenges of our future society.

Transforming Lives

The University of Dundee’s core purpose is to transform lives globally and locally.

Working across the University and with key partners on problems of high societal importance and impact, our collective energy will be focused on four interdisciplinary themes:

  • Understanding and improving health and wellbeing
  • Life-enhancing creativity and design
  • Innovating technological solutions to tomorrow's problems
  • Promoting social change to enhance diversity, justice and socio-economic prosperity

Within these themes, we will combine basic, translational and engaged research and innovative practice to bring cutting-edge scholarship to bear on clinical, professional and societal activities that enhance lives, and produce new knowledge that can influence understanding of key issues.

We will support life-changing learning by working with our students and alumni as part of a world-wide network, enabling people from all socio-economic backgrounds and all parts of the world to be part of our network, and developing our graduates as the most employable and most enterprising in Scotland, through extending opportunities for work experience and entrepreneurial ambition.

We will increase our capacity to transform lives by working with a broader range of partners across the globe, and we will create an environment which enables each person in our community to make their own contribution to transforming the lives of others.

Our approach will be leading

Our transformational approach will build and expand on the excellent work we do to connect our community, alumni, external stakeholders and partner organisations. In the next five years, we will educate more students on campus and around the world, more international participants will join an expanded range of distance and blended learning programmes, and more home students will have participated in global mobility and overseas learning opportunities.

We will build upon the strong and creative connections our Schools have with partners in our region, professional bodies and external companies/organisations who share our values, to influence the world around us.

We will better advance our interdisciplinary themes and the global challenges we address by mobilising diverse expertise in collaborative working groups.

We will successfully carry through the commitment for change we have started under the banner of the One Dundee approach and Business Transformation.
This will enable us to be leading by which we mean:

  • we enable those we work with to achieve extraordinary things
  • we learn with passion and purpose that empowers us to act with tenacity
  • we enact our values resolutely
  • we are willing to change and adapt ourselves and so inspire others to do likewise

By achieving these things, we will transform the lives of people in our community and the people who benefit from the knowledge we create.