Developing our community over the next five years will ensure that we can achieve far more than the sum of our parts. We will work together across disciplines to deliver research with impact, teaching that develops enterprising and employable graduates, and teams of problem solvers drawn from our academic and professional service groups.


To build on our successes and meet future challenges, we will:

  • realise the benefits of our diversity within a common vision
  • share a sense of ambition
  • collectively and intensively translate our strategy into action
  • cooperate to optimise collaborative advantage

A high performance community

Our identity lends itself to making high performance in our community an enabling theme in how we operate.

By advancing our values and the One Dundee approach, we will further develop creative ideas through our diversity, exhibit a shared purpose, be output-focused and have clarity about the benefits of working together. Our positive, thought-infused action will enable us to realise a co-operative advantage that many aspire to, but that few can accomplish. We will recognise excellent performance and motivate each other to achieve this.

Our thematic approach puts community-based collaboration at its core, increasing the opportunity for novel interactions that capitalise on diverse disciplinary expertise. Our community orientation enables us to co-design our research aims in the pursuit of new and applicable knowledge. We will work with others outwith our community to deliver collaborative advantage.

A community orientation runs through much of what we do successfully and what we have achieved in recent years. We have a track record of success that we can build upon.

Students' role and participation in our community, giving them genuine voice, is exemplary. Many people in our community work in communities of practice. The practice of partnership working between academia and professional services is established and distinctive in our community. Our size enables this way of working.

High performance communities are about people.

We will transform how we understand and measure performance, how we develop individuals and the organisation, and how we understand and enact leadership throughout the organisation. Our leadership will be of the highest quality to enable talent in our community to perform at the highest level.

We will continue to provide an integrated programme of health and wellbeing for our community and the wider public, ensuring that the physical and mental wellbeing of our people is at the forefront of our priorities.

We will be receptive to change, drive innovation and develop the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities in our people. People in our community will be coached, mentored and trained to enable both the understanding and achievement of excellent performance. We will all receive feedback to enhance our performance and will expect high levels of performance of ourselves, our colleagues, students, fellow students and partners.

We will retain, nurture and motivate world-class talent. We will attract colleagues from world-leading universities and other organisations who will further enrich the talent base of our community.

In our community, we will value each other, value diversity and value fairness. We understand the values of the University, its themes and each person's part in the advancement of the aims; we regard the University as a good place to work and would actively recommend the University as a place to work and study.

“A genuine willingness to help each other”

“I'm really lucky working at the University of Dundee, and I sincerely mean that. I've always found people to be not only supportive, but there's a genuine willingness to help each other. Actually I find some of them quite inspiring and challenging at times. You have an idea that you think might work, then in discussion with people you think I haven’t considered this, and you find that as a result what you’d planned to do becomes even better.”

Derek Robertson
Head of Undergraduate Studies, School of Education and Social Work

Our sustainable community

Our progress in the last five years has been achieved despite challenging economic conditions. In the next five years, we will deliver financially sustainable growth in order to invest strategically in our collective future.

This will ensure a high-quality experience for all, regardless of location. We will build upon our strong track record of improving environmental sustainability to minimise the negative impact we have on the world and its resources.

Our position as the UK’s most research-intensive medium-sized university demands that we ensure we work together to improve our financial resilience. To take greater control of our future, we will create vital funds to invest in our strategy by taking an enterprising approach to developing our unregulated sources of income, our efficiency and our cost management.

We will develop an integrated, smart campus and digital environment to enhance the student experience whilst making the most efficient use of our facilities and capabilities. We will enable flexible and agile working together with easy and secure access for all our people. This will enable the collaborative approach that underpins our high performance community.

Allied to this, we will pursue evidence-based decision-making and quality enhancement of our activities through the development of our digital intelligence capability, analytics and mining of our new business systems. We will empower our community with tools and analytical capability
to use information in innovative ways.

Investment in our estate will be prioritised to address required maintenance and to create significant new buildings in line with our interdisciplinary ambitions and our thematic approach. We will support this investment with active fundraising campaigns.

We will ensure that our physical footprint achieves a sustainable, proportional relationship to the size of our community. This means changing how we use and design our space. Through this and other measures we will reduce our negative impact on the environment. This will build upon our sector leading environmental approaches to our campus to ensure that we are delivering heat and energy as efficiently as possible. We will work with partners in the city to ensure that our approach benefits others and delivers a greater carbon reduction than we can achieve on our own.

As well as our physical estate, we will invest to ensure our students are properly supported to learn as effectively in the virtual realm, while ensuring that the important extra-curricular experience of being part of our community is not lost. This will require investment in both technology and our people to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver this.

“Creative, innovative partnerships”

“One of the special things about the University is that ability to work creatively, be innovative, work in partnership. So perhaps a student presents with a particular problem, that we could phone somebody else for support with, and before you know it, we have developed something collaboratively, something new, that we can use and roll out to other students in future.”

Ruth O’Riordan
Senior Careers Adviser