Student-led teaching awards

Published on 10 June 2021

Well done to Evangelia Fragouli for her recent success in the 2021 student-led teaching awards. Organised by the University of Dundee Student Association (DUSA).

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Portrait photo of Evangelia Fragouli

Nominated by a large number of students for 5 Awards, incl: Innovation in Teaching; Inspirational Teaching; Best Feedback & Assessment; Best PG Research Supervisor; Team. She was the winner of the Best Feedback & Assessment Award, and, the winner of the Best PG Research Supervision Research Award.

Some amazing feedback from students below:

• Evangelia gives very detailed feedback on every coursework and essay, and that is really helpful to the students in order to perform better. Her way of teaching is really inspiring and she is passionate about her work. It makes the lectures really pleasant to attend.

• I just want to express my gratitude for your invaluable guidance, encouragement and most especially for devoting a substantial time for me during the time of my project.

• Ms Evangelia is very responsible to her students, I receive many emails from her every week, some of which remind us what to do, some of which care. She is also excellent in class, and the structure of each class makes it easy for me to understand what she wants to teach us.

•She has a warm personality and from the beginning made sure that the students are aware of all the parts of the module. She explained extensively how to write the assessments, where to find the topics and where to submit them. She repeats the important matters and subjects often to make sure that every student gets them.

• Great feedback. Very caring about student needs and thorough of expectations. Open and friendly puts me at ease

• Evangelia Fragouli is a tutor who cares about students very much. Every student who has taken her course can receive her greetings every weekend. During the group discussion, everyone mentioned that Evangelia Fragouli is the cutest and most responsible tutor everyone has ever seen. As far as I am concerned, there was a problem in the submission of homework. She was very proactive in helping me.

• She is constantly in a good mood and this improves the mood in class, especially during the difficult times that we are living in. She also provides a diverse way of teaching to include all students. We had guest lecturers, class engagements through, we had group engagements and so many other different ways of engaging one another on a daily basis. She is hugely amazing.

Dr. Evangelia Fragouli is an inspirational Lecturer. She is an exemplary and excellent Leader. I always enjoy and look forward to her classes. Once when i lost my laptop and i complained about meeting my assignment deadline, she supported me all through until i got another Laptop to complete my assignment.

• She's inspires her students with her work. Very motivated, engaged and caring as a person. An excellent guide and mentor.

• She was always passionate about her work and was deeply impressed as a student. The curriculum is reasonable and rich, and the reply information is serious, which not only teaches the students knowledge, but also makes a very good demonstration for the students.

• She deserves it because she is always there for her students and offer a helping hand each time they have a problem.

• Evangelia is a responsible, professional and sincere lecturer. She not only teaches us knowledge. She pays attention to our development. She sent warm emails. She always encourages us and care about us. Let's feel warm during the pandemic. She is the best. She not only taught us knowledge, but also let us find interest in learning She made us know what a good leader and a good lecturer looks like. She inspired us.

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