School of Science and Engineering 2023/24 summer prize-winners

Published on 11 June 2024

Congratulations to all our graduands who have been awarded prizes by the School of Science and Engineering

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School Prizes

Nomination for the Wimberley Award

  • Kai Uerlichs

Nomination for the Sir James Black Award

  • Juanhua Zhang

British Association 1939 Prize and Medal

  • Mark Campbell

The Cullwick Prize

  • Gergana Dimitrova

Fidler & Steggall Prize

  • Simon Warburton-Pitt

Fulton Prize

  • Lily Towers

John Harris Prize

  • Gergana Dimitrova

Winifred Mackie Smith Prize

  • Harry Sidhu

Mott, Hay and Anderson Prize

  • Maria Kountouri

William Hendry Brown Prize

  • Katy McGowan

Angus Fulton Post Graduate Prize

  • Yaseen Sharif

David Ovenstone Prize

  • Jonathan Whyte

Peter G Lecomber Prize

  • Simone Scali

Annual Dawson Anatomy Fund

  • Martina Mosna

Douglas Samuel Jones Prize Jointly awarded to

  • Shaun Doyle
  • Lucia Beltran Allegue

Duff and Garland Bursary

  • Jonathan Main

James Durham Bursary

  • Niamh McElhinney

Laing Bursary

  • Elena Kelleher
  • Duncan Smith

Armitstead Bursary

  • Lilith Kaffka

Stephen Williamson Bursary

  • Struan Cooper

Boyack Physics and Computing Bursary

  • Lily Berwick

Nomination for the David Peattie Prize

  • Valeriy Willetts

Biomedical Engineering

IET Student Prize (Institution of Engineering and Technology

  • Fergus Morison
  • Seoras Cuthbert

Class Prize Level 4

  • Alison Dalgleish

Class Prize Level 4 JEP

  • Juanhua Zhang

Class Prize Level 3

  • Mohammad Kouli

Class Prize Level 2

  • Spy Suttrasirikul

Class Prize Level 1

  • Eva Kirkham

Biomedical Engineering Open Prize

  • Harry Pitts
  • Kirsten Gillies

Anatomy and Human Identification

Anatomical Sciences Project Prize

  • Lorna Brockbank

Anatomical Sciences Honours Prize

  • Chloe Ward

Forensic Anthropology Project Prize

  • Sam Li

Forensic Anthropology Honours Prize

  • Maja Beck

Module Prize Level 3 Embryology

  • Hope Leahy

Module Prize Level 3 Histology 1

  • Annie Millman

Module Prize Level 3 Gross Anatomy 1

  • Struan Cooper

Module Prize Level 3 Histology 2

  • Martina Mosna

Module Prize Level 3 Research Methods

  • Mila Walden

Module Prize Level 3 Gross Anatomy 2

  • Sarah Kung

Module Prize Level 2 Introductory Anatomy

  • Aimee Curd

Module Prize Level 2 Comparative Anatomy

  • Kelsey Hammond

Module Prize Level 1 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

  • Caitlin Stark

Lippincott Human Anatomy Prize

  • Sarah Kung

Artivay Anatomy Award

  • Marcel Al-Horoub

Sir James McKenzie Prize

  • Musab Quayum

CAHID Open Prize

  • Tegan George

Civil Engineering

The Institution of Civil Engineers Student Prize

  • Martyna Bednarska

Institution of Structural Engineers Prize

  • Katy McGowan

ICE Scottish Geotechnical Group Prize

  • Ewan Brown

David Smith Prize jointly awarded to

  • Evgeniia Rosenzweig
  • Ivan Puhach

Class Prize Level 5 MEng jointly awarded to

  • Maria Kountouri
  • Martyna Bednarska

Class Prize Level 4 MEng

  • Lily Towers

Class Prize Level 4 BEng

  • Ruby Stuart

Class Prize Level 3

  • Frank Fry

Class Prize Level 2

  • Selena Littlewood

Class Prize Level 1

  • Evgeniia Rosenzweig

Civil Engineering Open Prize

  • Robbie Hardie


John Gibson Award

  • Kai Uerlichs

Best Student in Data Science and Engineering

  • Ashish Tom

Best Project in Data Science and Engineering

  • Cassandra Akut

Best Student in Education Assisted Technology

  • Eimer Galloway

Best Project in Education Assisted Technology

  • Eimer Galloway

Best Overall Student

  • Zvonimir Delas

Class Prize Applied Computing

  • Marlon D'Ambrosio

Class Prize Computing Science

  • Kai Uerlichs

Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Honours Project

  • Daryna Hnatenko
  • Vera Tykesson Borvinski
  • David Topping
  • Zvonimir Delas

Class Prize Level 3 Computing Science

  • Douglas Inglis

Class Prize Level 3 Applied Computing jointly awarded to

  • Kayee Liu
  • Alba Henderson

Class Prize Level 2 Computing Science

  • Danyl Kecha

Class Prize Level 1 Computing Science

  • Lewis McGuire

Class Prize Level 1 Applied Computing

  • Becky Tyler

Computing Open Prize

  • Daryna Hnatenko
  • Andrii Sultanov


Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Prize jointly awarded to

  • Mark Campbell
  • Ellen Finnie

Charles Dixon Prize jointly awarded to

  • Alex Law
  • Saif Akhtar

Class Prize Level 4 jointly awarded to

  • Michał Zięć
  • Mac Cook

Class Prize Level 3

  • Simon Warburton-Pitt

Class Prize Level 2

  • Lilith Kaffka

Class Prize Level 1

  • Shanjana Munshi

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

iMechE Best Project Award

  • Sophie Morrison

iMechE Best Project Certificate

  • Calvin Fraser

iMechE Best Student Certificate

  • Gergana Dimitrova

iMechE The Frederic Barnes Waldron Best Student Award

  • Fergus Rice

Industrial Engineering Best Student Overall

  • Badarudeen Kalappurakkal Mohiyudeen

Class Prize Level 4 Mechanical Engineering

  • Gergana Dimitrova

Class Prize Level 4 Mechanical Engeering with Renewables

  • Daniel Zareckis

Class Prize Level 3 Mechanical Engineering

  • James Wilson

Class Prize Level 3 Mechanical Engineering with Renewables

  • Holly Rankin

Class Prize Level 2 Mechancial Engineering with Renewables

  • Joseph Usher

Class Prize Level 1 Mechanical Engineering

  • Rokayya Panchbhaya

Mechanical Engineering Open Prize

  • Caitlin Burns


Walter Spears Prize

  • Ernesto Mustienes Rando

Class Prize Level 5

  • Keigan Nicoll

Class Prize Level 4

  • Laura Dulya Fernandez

Class Prize Level 3

  • Sophia Weir

Class Prize Level 2

  • Harry Sidhu

Class Prize Level 1 jointly awarded to

  • Jacob Smith
  • Sophie Green

Physics Open Prize

  • Francesco Tamburi
  • Marcus Muniz
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