Sam Grace

Published on 30 September 2021

Sam Grace from Scotland studied MSc Management and Strategy

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Sam Grace from Scotland studied MSc Management and Strategy with us and was a great example of a conversion student, given his first degree was not in business. He reflects on his time studying with us, in particular, his internship.

“I did my Undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Dundee. I enjoyed my time there and the University was offering a Mater’s course that I was interested in Management so I decided to apply.

“I had an internship in Mexico City through Pagoda Projects. This was a very positive experience on the whole as it gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in a completely different culture and was the first time I had worked in an office environment. I worked for a company called Conscious Capitalism doing research work into how operating in an ethical manner can improve business operations, helping to generate profits while having a positive impact on different stakeholders and the wider environment. My role within the organisation was to produce research pieces that they could release weekly to inform readers on different aspects and fundamental values of the concept of conscious capitalism (operating with a higher purpose, being stakeholder oriented, showing conscious leadership, and cultivating a conscious culture within the organisation).

“I had the opportunity to attend conferences and presentations and meet other people which introduced me to new concepts that I have been able to implement in my employment following graduation.

“The overall experience was very positive, particularly as the support that all of the interns received from Pagoda Projects was so good. They arranged all our accommodation and airport transfers etc, ensured we settled well in the area and were always on hand to help with anything that we needed. They also arranged numerous trips to different places within an and around Mexico City which were all very enjoyable and enhanced my time there enormously. The research work I was doing over there fits in well with my job now.

“I feel combining a degree in business with my engineering background has been very useful in my subsequent employment as a business energy and sustainability consultant.

“Since graduating, I have been working with MDG Group in Perth. We are a business energy consultant and my job role involves helping our customers to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Studying a degree like Management and Strategy as I did gave me an appreciation of the business world and has helped me in my employment since. I have already used knowledge and skills developed in various modules such as marketing and operational strategy.”

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