Recent graduate named Royal Society for Biology in Scotland Outreach Champion

Published on 27 November 2017

One of this year's Life Sciences graduates, Rebecca Buick, has won the 2017 Royal Society for Biology in Scotland Outreach Champion competition.

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Rebecca undertook a Science Communication Honours project under the supervision of Jenny Woof, and also took part in a couple of other events that Jenny was engaged in during the Dundee Science Festival 2016.

Rebecca said, "Being awarded Outreach Champion is a great honour reflecting the invaluable opportunities available to me in my final year of study at Dundee University. The experience in Science Communication provided me with an ability to convey the applications of scientific research to the world around us. This has helped me develop a novel point of view on current science which will aid me greatly in my future career in education."

Professor Woof said, "It was a pleasure to work with Rebecca on the public engagement events. She has an infectious enthusiasm for science, and she is able to effortlessly adjust her communication style to fully engage children and adults alike. I'm delighted that her experience in science communication will now be put to good use in her teaching career."

Her Outreach Champion 2017 award was presented at the Royal Society of Chemistry's "Science in the Parliament" event at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh on Wednesday 15th November 2017. Unfortunately, Rebecca was unable to attend as she was on a school placement as part of her continuing studies to become a teacher.  

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