Postgraduate business challenge

Published on 26 February 2020

Our business challenge week offers our new master's students the chance to get to know each other, and the staff. It also gets them thinking strategy and business from day one of their studies

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We asked students to work in groups and address the following topic - "how would you get more Masters students involved in DUSA/University of Dundee/Clubs and Societies?"

They had to address the desirability, sustainability, and feasibility of the challenge or opportunity presented to them. They worked closely with the management team in DUSA and developed a range of key strategies. At the end of the week, students had to pitch or present their ideas via a poster to the rest of the cohort.

In the world of work, operating in multi-discipline project teams is the normal approach and this is something we try to give our students experience of during their studies. As part of the week, students were asked to create formal working teams and give each member of the team a role.

At the end of the week, prizes were awarded to the groups with the most creative and feasible solutions. Each student also received a certificate of employability to recognise their work and efforts. 

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