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Month of events to celebrate LGBT+ role models

Published on 29 January 2021

A month of events at the University of Dundee will help to promote positive role models from within the LGBT+ community and showcase their impact on the world.

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LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month

Professor Tim Kelly says that a programme of events hosted by the University as part of LGBT+ History Month can also help to highlight the hurdles that LGBTQI+ people continue to face in society.

Talks from distinguished speakers and online film screenings form part of the line-up that will celebrate the role of LGBT+ people in both the University community and wider society, running from Thursday 4 to Friday 26 February.

Professor Kelly, Dean of the School of Education and Social Work and Co-Chair of the University’s LGBT+ Staff Network, said, “LGBTQI+ people have made enormous contributions to society, but these have often been made invisible. LGBT+ History Month is one way our community and our allies push back to ensure our place in history is not forgotten.

“In the UK, LGBT+ History Month began as a celebration of the repeal of Section 28 in 2000. Before, there was no place for positive LGBT+ role models in schools, historical or otherwise.

“Though the repeal of Section 28 means that we do have more visibility and acceptance today, the stories of LGBTQI+ people and our lives are still largely ignored.  We are also seeing an increase in reported hate crimes, which proves that we still have a long way to go before LTBTQI+ people no longer face oppressive practices.

“Visibility of LGBTQI+ people, both today and historically, is an important tool to combat transphobia, biphobia, and homophobia and promote acceptance for those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality or gender identity.”

The University of Dundee has a proud tradition of championing equality for both students and staff, and is a member of Stonewall, supporting and actively promoting equality in the workplace for LGBT+ people. The institution is also subscribed to the Athena SWAN charter, which celebrates good practice towards the advancement of gender equality.

Among the events taking place for LGBT+ History Month include a lecture on queer heritage and its influence on architecture, online film screenings, and a Purple PowerPoint Party, where guests will have three minutes to discuss any subject they like with fellow attendees. Lectures looking at history, science, medicine and more, will further showcase the achievements of LGBT+ people.

All events will take place online and are free of charge and open to everybody. The full programme of events can be viewed at the University’s dedicated LGBT+ History Month web page.


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