Matheus Bruni Sousa

Published on 29 September 2021

Matheus reflects on his time at University of Dundee

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Matheus Bruni Sousa from Spain completed an internship in Mexico during his studies. Now graduated and working as a Strategy Consultant, he reflects on his time with us.

““I first heard about the University of Dundee while I was researching master’s programs in the UK, particularly Scotland. The University caught my attention for having a flexible master’s degree in management with the opportunity to choose several paths within the study: Strategy, Marketing, HR, International Management, among others. Also, the University ranked high within the UK and was well known for having a great student life."”

Matheus Bruni Sousa

“Flexibility to choose your path within the program, several group projects that deal with real-life projects and international environment. The subjects were very interesting, and I definitely feel like the way of thinking taught at Dundee has helped me tackle problems that I encounter today in the job I do.

“I participated in the Pagoda internship program and went on a 2-month internship in Mexico City. I worked for a strategy consulting firm with another colleague from the University of Dundee and I can say this experience was exactly what I was looking for. It was around the time I had started thinking that I would want to work within consulting and this internship came at the right time for me to show that indeed I had interest in the area.

“I now work as a strategy consultant in Madrid for just over 1 year. We are focused on projects within the broad technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector. My plan is to develop further as a consultant, gain as much industry knowledge as I can and see where that leads me in the future. Having done the master’s degree in Management and Strategy in Dundee definitely helped me to get to where I am today.

“The university really tries to welcome everyone and provides several activities (through association with DUSA) for all kinds of interests students might have.

“While the weather is not the greatest it doesn’t stop people from doing anything. The city is vibrant and full of students in the same situation as you- you never feel alone. The Uni is in the heart of Dundee and it gives students the opportunity to explore the city.

“I was a member of the tennis and futsal teams- in both cases I used to play in the university’s first team so the schedule was always busy with matches in Dundee and across Scotland. I really enjoyed the competitive atmosphere, but also the social events organized by both clubs- it was a way for me to do the sports I really like and have a good time. We achieved great results by the end of the season with both clubs, finishing 2nd in the tennis league and winning our division of the BUCS with the futsal team. Sometimes it was challenging to manage all the matches and trainings with the studies, but I found a way to do them all.”

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