Graduate awarded 'Top Project Award' by Royal Society of Biology

Published on 24 April 2023

Julia has just been awarded with a 'Top Project Award from an Accredited Degree Programme' by the Royal Society of Biology, attending an awards ceremony in London this month.

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Congratulations to Julia Soh, a recent graduate of our BSc (Hons) Molecular Genetics course. Julia has just been awarded with a 'Top Project Award from an Accredited Degree Programme' by the Royal Society of Biology, attending an awards ceremony in London this month. Julia spoke to us about her time studying with us and what she has been doing since graduating in 2022.

"My time in the University of Dundee was the tough time of covid. Yet, I was able to receive the support of various lecturers and professors in my personal and academic development. In particular I must express my gratitude to my personal tutor, Dr Marios Stavridis, as well as my lecturer, Dr David Martin. From the day I met them, they have been keen supporters of my personal development through continued conversations about my future aspirations, current studies as well as personal wellbeing.

"I recall Dr Marios staying to listen to my woes regarding not being accepted into my initial choice of PhD program, beyond his obligation. And both had joined in on further talks, mock interviews, referrals, and general advice regarding my pursuit of PhD studies. I had aspired to do a PhD in Biology since I was 14 years old and these mentors have played a key role in me pursuing my dream.

“The best thing about studying in Dundee is that it's an extremely friendly city to everyone from all walks of life. There is a sense of community in Scotland as a country towards being open minded and accepting of one another, allowing for many to foster friendships despite cultural or personal differences.”

Julia Soh

"If someone is thinking of studying the Molecular Genetics course, I would say there is a lot of flexibility, allowing for one to choose from a myriad of subjects that may be of interest. I was able to curate my education to fit that of my aspirations and for those that may not have a clear interest in mind, gives a large selection to be introduced to. Keep an open-mind and discover your passions! Even if you may not decide to enter a career centric around biology, you will be able to gain a deeper personal understanding of yourself as well as gain key transferrable skills such as in writing, researching, communication and teamwork.

"I had worked on an internship in the lab of Dr Sarah Colthurst, whom I must also give my gratitude to. She had curated a project to my interest and aptitude, all the while being realistic to the time frame of a 7-week project, to bring out the best in me. She had chosen two excellent postdoctoral mentors, Dr Chris Earl and Mark Reglinski, that had both been invested in not just my academic, but also my personal development. The entire lab was a friendly, supportive environment that felt like home within the first week of introduction. It was from this project that I had earnt the “Top project award” by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB). I would not have been able to achieve this without them.

"My University of Dundee degree has been a strong steppingstone towards my aspirations of completing my PhD. The University has helped me build various networks that has been important to growing the roots to my career as a scientist. I am currently a PhD candidate in the University of Aarhus (Denmark). I am studying bacterial protein sugar-modifications that may contribute to cell signalling. My work is important to understanding a fundamental sugar-modification important to animals and plants and may lead to discovering a new way that bacteria regulate their physiology."