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COVID-19 tests for students – staff needed

Published on 18 November 2020

We have an urgent need to recruit staff to support a COVID-19 test centre for students, which will be located on the City Campus at the Institute of Sport and Exercise.

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Last week the Scottish Government issued guidance to universities regarding mass testing of students to ensure they can safely return home for Christmas. To facilitate this, we and all other Scottish universities have been asked to set up and operate a COVID-19 test facility, so that all students can be tested twice prior to departure. Tests are offered on a voluntary basis.


We have an urgent need to recruit staff to support the test centre, which will be located on the City Campus at the Institute of Sport and Exercise. The test centre will allow testing of asymptomatic students (i.e. those not showing any symptoms of COVID-19) who wish to return home for the holiday period.


We are looking to recruit staff to the following positions (click job titles for more information and to apply):


Service Operations:

  • Team Leader – responsible for overseeing the test centre resources, taking responsibility for the overall delivery of the service and escalations.
  • Cleaners – cleaning booths in-between students being tested and confirm when a booth is ready for the next student, and ensure clinical waste is disposed of from booths.
  • Supplies Coordinators – ensure test kits are stored in a clinically staff manner; receive supplies and manage stock; manage devices updates
  • Queue Coordinators – ensure social distancing is maintained in the registration queue.


Testing Operations

  • Registration Assistants – provide verbal support to students registering on their device; add student to the register if not already registered, and provides support if QR code is not scanning; if student cannot use own device, requests verbal consent from subject to complete registration on their behalf; provide testing kit to patient to take to the booth; directs student to available booth.
  • Test Assistants – provide student with additional verbal instructions if required; ensure student self-administered test is labelled appropriate and has barcodes attached; ensure student has passed test to a Processing Operative; directs student to exit, with test card.
  • Test Supervisors – provide on-site clinical oversight and guidance.
  • Processing Operatives – set up samples for analysis; pipettes extraction solutions to sample, following SOP; Times the sample analysis; Await and read result displayed and mark it on device; pushes results for digital upload; QA another Processing Operatives result analysis
  • Results Recorders – Enter results onto a managed device, including scan of QR code, result is automatically sent to dashboard and Test & Trace.


Interviews will be held as soon as possible following the closing date of Midnight on Thursday, 19th November 2020. 


These are short term roles and if appointed, you must be able to commence work on Thursday, 26th November 2020 until Friday, 11th December 2020.  Working hours are 8.30am until 5.15pm, Monday to Friday. Full training will be provided for these positions.  


Further details regarding each position and details on how to apply are available following the links above.


Closing date: Midnight on Thursday, 19 November 2020


Roddy Isles

Head of Corporate Communication

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