Award for Citadel Love Stories

Published on 29 March 2022

University of Dundee researchers have won a Generations Working Together Award for a project that brought together an intergenerational group of LGBTQ+ people to discuss their experiences and perspectives

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‘Citadel Love Stories: Exploring Life-time LGBT2QI+ Love and Relationships’ was led by Dr Mei Fang and Professor Judith Sixsmith (School of Health Sciences) and Professor Michael Gratzke (School of Humanities and Director of the Doctoral Academy) along with partners at the Citadel Youth Centre in Edinburgh.

The project was funded by the Institute for Social Sciences Research (ISSR) and brought participants together in a virtual space where they conveyed a strong sense of shared love and relationship experiences.

The storytelling focus of the project provided the opportunity to explore health and social outcomes associated with younger and older peoples’ LGBTQ+ experiences. These stories are contained in a zine, which participants received as a record of their experience that they could share with friends and family.

Citadel Love Stories won the Social Justice and Dignity category of the Generations Working Together Awards. A short film sees participants and researchers share their experiences of the project, while more information can be found here.


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