Following the University restructure in 2015, the Culture and Communications Workstream worked with people across the University to explore the actions that should flow from the University's core values, within the workplace. Input was gathered through postcards, workshops and discussion.

Read the Values into Action booklet which contains more information about each Value and associated Actions, plus examples of the progress we, as a University, have made so far.

In summary:

  • Valuing people - Treat everyone with equal respect, valuing their contribution to the University
  • Working together - One Dundee: seek what is best for the wider University community as well as your team
  • Integrity - Behave ethically and professionally, with the best interests of the University at heart
  • Making a difference - Remember that our common purpose is to transform lives locally and globally
  • Excellence - Aim to be leading in what you do as we strive to be Scotland’s leading University
  • Communication - Take personal responsibility for ensuring communication in your sphere is effective