Social Sciences

17 Jul 2018

The School of Social Sciences is to host the newly established Scottish Human Rights Defender Fellowship (SHRDF)

The Scottish Human Rights Defender Fellowship is a major new initiative aimed at supporting human rights defenders from around the world by providing them a short period of respite and protection in Scotland while they conduct research and interact with students, staff, civil society and government across Scotland. Participants will be invited to apply to spend three months in Scotland, combining study at the University of Dundee with the chance to build relationships and share expertise with Scottish human rights and equality organisations....

13 Apr 2018

Dundee Corpus update could help reveal the secrets of reading

The way humans read and understand written text is continuing to be revealed thanks to a ground-breaking piece of research by the University of Dundee. The Dundee Corpus, the world’s largest study of eye movement, was initially developed in 2003 to study how the human eye acts while reading. Having become recognised as a foremost resource in psycholinguistics, researchers in Denmark have further broken down the original data, a move that could enhance understanding of how the human eye adapts to what it is reading. A team at the University of Copenhagen has utilised the Dundee Corpus to look at how s...

10 Dec 2017

Human Rights Day sees the establishment of a new working group

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December - the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the University of Dundee, we celebrate this important day by establishing the Dundee Human Rights Working Group. The working group builds on the recent expansion of human rights-related research capacity across the University of Dundee. As such, it builds on the strong foundation of human rights expertise and on research taking place across many disciplines at the University of Dundee, and will provide an excellent forum for future projects. Am...

5 Dec 2017

University works to secure India’s water future

Collaborative research between Scotland and India has begun on a major water management project in India, with researchers from the University of Dundee exploring the impact of increasing population and rapid economic development on water resources. The £2million pound project, UPSCALE, is being carried out in the Cauvery river basin in India, and is funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council in the UK and the Ministry of Earth Sciences in India. The University of Dundee is one of six UK-based partners working with Indian organisations to understand trends in water use and management in ord...

University works to secure India’s water future

27 Nov 2017

Socio-Legal Environmental Studies

Prof. Colin Reid was one of the speakers a workshop on "Exploring the 'Socio-Legal' in Environmental Law" held in Cardiff.  He contributed to the session on Making History, exploring what historical research can add to our appreciation of environmental law and drew on his previous work on the environmental legislation of the original Scottish Parliament.  The event was organised with the Journal of Environmental Law (OUP) of which Prof. Reid is an Associate Editor....

Socio-Legal Environmental Studies