Overview of Forensic Odontology

School of Dentistry

A week long online introduction to Forensic Odontology with ten hours of lectures and discussion

Date of entry

June 2022

Start date
June 2022
5 days
Study mode
Distance Learning

Course dates: Monday 20 June - Friday 24 June 2022

Over the last decade, Forensic Odontology entered the spotlight of science influenced by globalization and natural disasters that required the identification of the living and the deceased, respectively. Clinicians and dental students noticed the need for advanced and proper training in the field. The University of Dundee has a history of providing formal education in Forensic Odontology combining traditional knowledge and contemporary technology.

Our Overview of Forensic Odontology is designed to provide interested students with an online introduction monitored by experienced instructors. Maintaining continuing education with high-quality courses throughout challenging times is the goal of our team.

Course fee


If you continue onto either of our full time Forensic Dentistry MSc or Forensic Odontology MFOdont programmes, this £150 fee will be deducted from your full programme fee, following matriculation.

Lecture programme

There are five two-hour lectures with discussions

  1. Introduction and history of forensic odontology
  2. Dental charting methods in forensic odontology
  3. Dental age estimation of children and adolescents
  4. Forensic radiology in dental human identification
  5. Bridging gaps with current research in forensic odontology


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