Dental Public Health Summer Programme

School of Dentistry

A week long online programme of five lectures and discussions as an introduction to Dental Public Health

Date of entry

July 2021

Start date

July 2021


5 days

Study mode

Distance Learning



Course dates: Monday 26 - Friday 30 July 2021

Dental Public Health is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the prevention of oral disease, promotion of oral health, and improvement of quality of life through the organised efforts of society. This five day programme of lectures will give you an introduction to the discipline based around three subjects.

Course fee


If you continue onto our full Dental Public Health MDPH course you will receive a refund of this fee.

Subjects and sessions

Clinical Communication

The clinical communication course will focus on providing students with answers to the two questions:

  • Why clinical communication skills are important to dentists/dental professionals?
  • How to provide effective consultation to patients through delivering person-centred care?

We will explore together what are the common problems when engaging patients in dental consultations which include history taking, diagnosis, treatment planning & oral health education. Later we will identify tips and pitfalls of communication strategies through reviewing videos.  

Communicating with patients to deliver person-centred care (two hours)

  • Mini-lecture
  • Trigger video
  • Small group discussion

Evidence Based Dentistry

An introduction to Evidence-based Dentistry and an overview of systematic reviews and diagnostic tests. Participants will also undertake critical appraisal of a number of different study designs.

Introduction to Evidence based dentistry and question formulation (two and a half hours)

  • Lecture and group / small group discussions

Evidence Sources and Critical appraisal of a randomised controlled trial (three hours)

  • Lecture and group / small group discussions
  • Workshop

Community-Based Participatory Research for Health Equity

These sessions will promote interdisciplinary dialogues for health equity of vulnerable and marginalised groups introducing participatory health research approaches to foster community’ development, knowledge exchange and social transformation. We will look at tools for community empowerment and experience the active and participatory techniques of popular education by Paulo Freire as a foundation for a practice engaged to promote more health equity.

Principles and definitions of community-based participatory research for health equity (two and a half hours)

Critically understand the principles and definition of Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) for health equity

  • Mini-lecture
  • Group activity

Popular Education for health promotion and community empowerment (two and a half hours)

Critical knowledge of the field of popular education proposed by Freire in relation with health education, community and service development, and empowerment.

  • Mini-lecture
  • Group activity



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