Robert Keatch

+44 (0) 1382 384778
Discipline Lead for Mech Eng & Lead for Marketing & Recruitment


Professor Robert Keatch graduated with a degree and PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Dundee where his research focussed on developing microengineering techniques for the international energy fusion (ICF) programme in Europe and the USA. He moved into academia in 2001 and as a senior lecturer he was appointed Head of the Division of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering in 2005 and Director of Student Recruitment and Marketing in 2013 responsible for undergraduates and postgraduates admissions across the School. Professor Keatch has overseen the implementation of three new postgraduate degrees in Biomedical engineering, which have now grown to become the largest MSc cohort in this subject area in the UK. He has also been pivotal in undergraduate recruitment and has seen an increase year on year in student applications into the Division of Mechanical Engineering and now commands the largest number of undergraduate applicants across the whole school. His Division of Mechanical Engineering has seen further success by being voted 1st in Scotland and in the top 10 in the whole UK for the past 7 years in various University League Tables.


Professor Keatch founded the multi-disciplinary Bio-Engineering Research Group in 2003 and lead the Regenerative Medicine Technology section as part of the Institute of Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT). .His research interests cover a wide range of biomedical related activities but are primarily focused on generating complex functional 3D scaffolds used in bioengineering for wound healing. The principal objective of his group is to promote cross-disciplinary interactions between Engineering, Life Sciences, and Medicine and provide a platform of discovery at the interface of these sciences.


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