Laszlo Csetenyi

+44 (0) 1382 388599
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,all,c


Dr Laszlo J Csetenyi joined the University of Dundee as a Research / Teaching fellow in 2000. He received his BSc in Chemical Engineering (1988) and MSc in Silicate Chemistry (1990) at the University of Veszprem, Hungary.

He subsequently undertook a PhD degree at the Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen, UK (1993). This research concerned the stability of borate-containing wastes encapsulated in cement. He also participated in a 5-month industrial research programme at AEA Technology, Dounreay, UK to investigate the stabilisation and disposal possibilities of ammonium diuranate (ADU) sludge (1994).

Research Interests

His main areas of interest include cement and concrete science and binder technology with emphasis on stabilisation and solidification processes as well as practical use of secondary materials, especially fly ash, in construction.

He was also involved in the activities of the Centre for the Advancement of SMEs in the East of Scotland Concrete Construction Industry and acted as Trade Fair Manager of the triennial International Concrete Congresses organised by the CTU.


  • Oil Drill Cuttings for Construction Related Value-Added Uses
  • Alkali Pre-Activation of PFA to Maximise its Use in Concrete Construction
  • Realising a High-Value Sustainable Recycling Solution to the Glass Cullet Surplus
  • Fly-Ash from Co-Combustion in Concrete Pulverised Fuel Ash
  • NORA: Non-Radioactive Waste Solidification Methods and Stability Assessment
  • Determining PFA Capacity in Minimising Sulfate Swelling in Lime-Stabilised Clays
  • Rapid Assessment Methods to Predict Fly Ash Performance in Concrete
  • Rapidly Deployable System for the Structural Stabilization of Shock Damaged Structures
  • Modern Coal Fired Power Station Ash Products


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