Mechanical & Electronic Engineering

Mech Eng StudentGraduates from these two disciplines are highly employable and enjoy a broad range of career options. For Mechanical Engineering graduates, their ability to solve practical problems lead them to progress directly into working in mainstream engineering sectors including the energy (Oil industry and renewable energy), aerospace, automotive and defence sectors. A number of our graduates go on to study our MSc Biomedical Engineering, MSc Design for Medical Technologies or MSc Medical Imaging programmes.

With a sound ability in mathematics, computing and administrative organisation, our Electronic and Electrical Engineering graduates have progressed onto careers in circuit and systems design, of semiconductors and communications. Apart from the mainstream commercial industries, we also see our graduate taking up careers in financial management, broadcasting, with the civil service and with the police and armed services. 

Our graduates have gone on to work for organisations including:

  • Brunel University in London
  • Raytheon Systems LtD Glenrothes
  • The Andrew Yule Group in India
  • University of Bolton, Manchester
  • Accel Front Line Ltd. in India
  • Michelin, Worldwide
  • Babcock Marine Services, Dunfermline
  • BP, Worldwide
  • Shell, Worldwide 
  • Exxon, UK

You will find that a Dundee engineering degree opens the door to a surprisingly wide range of career opportunities.