Graduation (cropped)

Ensuring that our students graduate as highly employable individuals is a priority across the University of Dundee. Our Careers Service collaborates with the school to produce a varied and thorough programme of events for our students. Throughout the academic year students have the opportunity to attend a wide range of talks and workshops, many of which are hosted by industry leaders. This provides an invaluable chance for students to network and make connections with potential graduate employers.

‌We continually strive to ensure that when our students graduate, they are fully equipped to embark on a long and successful career. The school is comprised of a dedicated and international team of experts who make it their goal to provide students with a strong skills set. All of the subjects taught within our school are integral to most aspects of modern society, therefore our graduates are highly sought after in a wide range of areas. We are fully committed to supporting and encouraging our students to pursue their ambitions.

We foster a very supportive environment, in which students can engage in open dialogue with academic staff, about their future career prospects. We have very strong ties with industry, and many highly reputable companies recognise our graduates as a potential asset to their team. We continually strive to ensure that when our students graduate, they are fully equipped to embark on a successful career.

"Studying for my undergraduate degree at the University of Dundee was such a good experience. I had no hesitation in leaving my job in the construction industry, and coming back to obtain a Master to become a chartered Civil Engineer." - David Kingsmill, from Country Down in Northern Ireland, MSc Civil Engineering (2013)

"The survey camp at the end of second year was a lot of fun – in fact, it was one of the highlights of my degree. Following my 2nd and 3rd year of study, I took part in summer work placements, which proved to be a huge advantage when I was applying for jobs at the end of my degree and I’m now a Nuclear and Defence Graduate Engineer at a large consultancy firm." - Jocelyn Trottet, from York in England, MEng Civil Engineering Design & Management (2013)