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Interested in Industrial Engineering and Business?

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With the new Industrial Engineering and Management MSc and Industrial Engineering and International Finance MSc you can develop knowledge and expertise in specialised, industry-focused engineering subjects as well as core management and finance principles.

These postgraduate courses are jointly delivered by Mechanical Engineering and the School of Business.


‘Cellular mosh pit’ helps researchers understand tissue formation

‘Cellular mosh pit’ helps researchers understand tissue formation

Researchers led by the University of Dundee have developed a way of exploring a ‘cellular mosh pit’ that may shed light on processes such as embryo development, wound healing and cancer growth. Working with colleagues at the University of Aberdeen, they have developed the Active Vertex Model (AVM), a new computational model that allows scientists to examine in greater depth than ever before how cells move in a vari...

Morriston Hospital forensic artist to help facial rebuilds

Heather Goodrum, a forensic art graduate has become the first forensic artist in the UK to join a NHS hospital's facial reconstruction team. She will digitally-design and 3D print implants for patients needing mouth, jaw, head and neck surgery at Swansea's Morriston Hospital. Designed using patients' own CT scan images, they are anatomically accurate which makes them a better fit. It is hoped the process will also sa...