This Cluster comprises internationally outstanding expertise in the development of a wide range of mathematical, physical and computational tools and techniques applied to quantify and better understand complex biological problems.

The study of dynamics underpins the work of the cluster with techniques ranging from state-of-the-art molecular dynamics, to agent-based models to continuum descriptions based in the functional analytic representation of ordinary and partial differential equations.

Both deterministic and stochastic approaches are woven through our work. Applications cover a diverse range of fundamentally important and topical issues including cancer, drug metabolism, the immune system, developmental biology, cell and tissue mechanics, cell physiology and microbiology.

Our  identity is  characterised by the pursuit of interdisciplinary impact through innovation and rigour. The majority of the work conducted by us is in collaboration with colleagues in other disciplines both locally  and internationally. Most notably, we have strong links to  Medicine and  Life Sciences here at University of Dundee.  By working across discipline boundaries we aim to make significant progress on problems that are resistant to solution by experimental approaches alone.

Academic lead

Fordyce Davidson

Professor of Mathematics
 +44 (0)1382 384692

Core academic staff