Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering

We are recognised internationally in the field of Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering

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We conduct both fundamental and applied research in the thematic areas of Energy, Global Uncertainties and Living with Environmental Change. Specific examples include:

  • sustainable concrete (including recycled aggregates, cement replacement and structural optimisation)
  • durability, protection and repair of concrete and historic structures
  • concrete specification for high performance in non-standard applications
  • reduced scale modelling of reinforced concrete structures
  • behaviour of structures under extreme loads (including blast and earthquakes)
  • digital design and structural optimisation
  • use of composites in construction

A strong emphasis is also placed on exploiting interdisciplinary research opportunities through collaboration with other areas (such as Geotechnical Engineering and Fluid Mechanics, Forensic Science) and development of cross-school links (such as Architecture and Urban Planning) to address current and future research priorities in:

  • digital design and construction
  • decommissioning of offshore oil and gas
  • use of concrete in offshore renewable energy
  • adapting to a changing climate
  • the building as a power station: generation and storage
  • ageing infrastructure: assessment, repair and life extension

In addition, we translate our research to the non-academic sector through engagement with industry-led innovation centres in Oil and Gas, Construction and Sensors, participation in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and innovative Interface projects with SMEs, and Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) funded studentships to support relevant academic-industrial collaborations.

Academic lead

Rod Jones

Professor in Civil Engineering
 +44 (0)1382 388326

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