Andy Munns

+44 (0)1382 384730
Associate Dean for Quality and Academic Standards


Research group: Construction and Project Management


Andy Munns is a Senior Lecturer in Project Management, having graduated with First Class Honours from Lanchester Polytechnic and an MSc in Project Management from Heriot Watt University. He has worked in the construction industry in the UK within both the public and private sectors, working as a professional advisor and on construction sites. He is currently Associate Dean in the School of Science and Engineering, with a responsibility for Quality and Academic Standards. In this role he has been responsible for leading programme reviews across the University for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrres. He is also currently the convenor of the University eLearning Sub-Committee. His research interests include student approaches to learning, student understanding of mathematics, human resources on projects, the leadership of projects, and the development of trust in the construction industry.

Professional Biography

  • MSc Project Management, Heriot Watt University
  • BSc (Hons) Building, Lanchester Polytechnic

Research Interests

  • Application and use of research in construction
  • Leadership development in construction organisations
  • Trust and mutual confidence in construction projects
  • Leadership in project teams
  • Ethical practice in construction
  • Motivation and performance of students in engineering


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