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Children Visiting University Premises

Safety Policy Arrangement 32-2006 (rev. 2010)


Policy Statement

The University of Dundee accepts its legal responsibilities to children visiting its premises and will take every reasonable step to ensure their health, safety and welfare whether their visit falls under the University’s business or not.


For the purposes of this policy ‘children’ is defined as persons less than 18 years old, and the remit is their safety.

The Director of Campus Services is responsible for providing and maintaining safe routes for children walking through the City Campus. S/he will ensure that hazardous areas, installations and materials are secured and warning signs posted to prevent access by children who can be expected to display irresponsible behaviour. S/he will take reasonable steps to prevent children using the Campus as an ad hoc playground. Staff should report unacceptable behaviour by children to Tower Reception (ext 88188) who will alert Security as appropriate.

Heads of Unit providing facilities which may be used by children (e.g. Sport and Exercise, Gardyne Road Campus, Botanic Gardens, Exhibitions, Bonar Hall) will carry out a risk assessment that recognises the additional risks arising from the physical and mental immaturity of children.

Deans/Directors providing work experience placements, open days or other organised events must appoint an Event Organiser who will liaise with all parties. The Event Organiser will plan these events thoroughly and complete a risk assessment before the children arrive on site. This will include:

Staff or students may bring their children into University premises only for very short occasional visits to their workplace provided that they have notified their line manager of their intentions. They must provide strict and close supervision at all times. Children are allowed into low risk areas such as offices and tea-rooms. They are not allowed in high risk areas such as laboratories or workshops. The manager responsible for the area will insist that the parent and child leave the area if they consider that the child could be exposed to unacceptable risks, or if the child could cause an unacceptable level of disruption to other staff or students. Staff should bring non -compliance with this policy to the parent’s attention in the first instance if possible, or if not to the manager of the area, and persistent non-compliance should be reported to their Dean/Director who will take suitable action to resolve the situation.

Visitors should be asked not to bring children but if alternative arrangements cannot be made then children must be supervised at all times during the visit, and be restricted to low risk areas e.g. offices and tea-rooms.

All accidents/incidents involving children on any University of Dundee campus or occurring when they are involved in any activity under the control of the University must be reported to Safety Services using the University accident/incident form. Serious accidents must be reported immediately by telephone (ext 84104).